I Wonder

I Wonder I wonder if the greatest preachers know the truth about God and if that knowledge makes it easier for them to continue their tradition. I don’t know for what purpose and to what end. If the purpose is to justify a moral sense I think it’s unnecessary. My mind is one with an…

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My Pasadena

Apple TV wallpapers have me thinking about urban design in Pasadena and in general. I’ve got to stop thinking I know how everything works. I see the way my Pasadena is laid out as the community I’m immediately responsible for preserving. As I make my way up the local traffic route on Los Robles i…

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In Sickness And In Health

I need to take better care of him I want to be healthy but I want to indulge. I know what I should do but the courage to do it escapes me. I should drink less. I have other vices but alcohol is certainly the one that leaves me sunken the deepest.

Freedom, In Debt.

Freedom, In debt. I have a unique situation. My work right now affords me flexibility. I’m sure I could be doing more but this isn’t about my long tern goals for the office. And it’s not that I’m avoiding work either but things are running smoothly so I’ve stayed home to do my work from…

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